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KJaneway115 has been publishing Star Trek: Voyager fanfic online since 2011.  She is a proud VAMBie. 
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Lucky by KJaneway115 [NC17]
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After Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway and Tuvok are stranded on an alien planet.  It is up to Chakotay and the crew of Voyager to find them before it's too late.
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Updated: 14/09/16; Published: 14/09/16
Written for Elorie's wetfic challenge as part of VAMB's 10th Anniversary.  After Voyager's return to Earth, Kathryn and Chakotay have some unresolved issues to work through.
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Word count: 6945; Read Count: 2623; Completed: Yes
Updated: 04/11/13; Published: 04/11/13