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Story Notes:


Author's Chapter Notes:

This the seventh — and second-to-last — story in a small series of vignettes about Kathryn's life — based on chance encounters or situations.

Some of these folks definitely belong to Paramount, or is it CBS? Some of them are mine. I write this purely for entertainment … no money involved here.

Kathryn caught the ID on the vid call: Mother. She sighed, this was not exactly who she wanted to talk with right now.

But, she opened the call anyway. “Morning, Katie … Phoebe wants to know ...” She stopped and looked closely at her eldest. “Are you all right?”

“Fine,” she lied. “What does Phoebe want?”

“No, Katie, you are not fine. In fact, you look a bit shell-shocked. What’s happened?”

Busted. “Well, seems Alex and Vince got married.”

Gretchen sat back. “Eloped did they? Well, Alex is 21 … and young Mr. Robleson is what?”


“They are adults, darling. Your dad was 23 and I was 22 when we married.” She looked at Kathryn again. “Or should I also offer you congratulations … Grandma?”

Kathryn smiled thinly. “Bingo! We were having dinner with Trey and Marnie when they showed up and casually announced they’d eloped. They were being coy about the baby part until Marnie and I ganged up on them.”

“Must run in the family,” Gretchen quipped. “You and Ben oh-so-casually informed us about your pregnancy at your wedding reception. Not that I hadn’t figured it out.”

“It was the coffee, wasn’t it?”

“Yep, and that Ben was finishing your wine for you at dinner. Now, you do like Vince, don’t you?”

“I adore him. Trey and Marnie love Alex. I’m just not prepared to be a grandmother, and Ben and I wanted to see our only child get married.”

Gretchen nodded, “I understand that. I would have, too. On the other hand, you’ve forgotten just where the Roblesons sit in the social strata. By the time they invited their large families, plus all their professional, social and political paybacks, you’d of had a guest list of 5,000 … not to mention the folks you and Ben would need to invite. Those kids did you a favor, be grateful!”

Kathryn chuckled. “Ben did mention that. But we’re both worried … they seem to think that having a baby won’t impact their studies. They’re not that far into those doctorates.”

Gretchen sighed. “For the moment, they should be OK. You know, I wrote my dissertation between bouts of morning sickness with you.”

“Sorry about that. Though I think Alex got even for you.”

Gretchen was quiet for a moment. She didn’t like to remember Ben’s anguished call from Starfleet Medical. And she didn’t believe in God, but on her way to San Francisco, she asked anything that might be out there to protect Kathryn and the baby.

She quickly shook it off. “It’s after the baby comes that they’ll need some practical support. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a semester off.”

“Ben’s made some suggestions that could give her a more flexible schedule for the first few months.”

“Good. And if I can lend a hand, let me know. I’ll be happy to come out. By the way, boy or girl?”

“They’re not telling.” Kathryn looked at her closely. You’re taking this quite well, you know.”

“Why not? This is my first great-grandchild … I figured it would be another decade, unless Kathy’s boyfriend suddenly grows up and proposes,” she said to Kathryn’s snort. “It may be selfish, but I’m very happy that I’ll be around to watch him … or her … grow up.”

Kathryn raised an eyebrow. “Something I need to know about?”

“Nothing you haven’t heard. But sweetheart, I will shuffle off sooner than later. Besides, this gives you and Ben more time with the kiddo, too.”

“Mid-60s doesn’t mean decrepit, Mother.”

“Of course not. But mid-60s are not mid-70s or mid-80s. Even your energy level will drop somewhat. Besides, you’ve told me that Ben’s dad is not in the best of health; might be nice for him to see all his children’s grandchildren, eh?”

“Touche,” Kathryn admitted. “I’m trying to remind myself that it will all work out.”

“It will. You and Ben will be wonderful grandparents. And knowing you, you’ll be sure to give kiddo the grand tour of the galaxy.”

Kathryn smiled at the thought. “No reason the squirt can’t come with us. You’re right, Mom, this could be fun.”

“That’s my girl. Now, should I tell Phoebe, or do you want to be the one to make her jealous?”

“Oh, God,” Kathryn exclaimed in realization, “you called because Phoebe wanted something … what was it?”

Gretchen burst out laughing. “Good heavens, I forgot, too. Anyway ...”


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