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Author's Chapter Notes:
J/C belong to Paramount; everyone else belongs to me. No copyright infringement intended.

 You were the last person I expected to see at the market today.
    For a moment, I thought I was seeing things, that it really wasn't you perusing the produce.  But another look, and  I realized it was you: after all those years on the bridge, I know the shape of your back, the line of your shoulders.
     My voice startled you, and you laughed at your reaction. And when you smiled, I noticed  that the sadness I once saw in your eyes is gone.
      You're a bit sunburned, I said.  Just back from holiday, you replied. Your family rented a beach house in the Keys, and you enjoyed the warmth.
       You asked about Seven; I asked about your husband.  I bent down to say hello to your daughter. She's a tiny version of you, down to the mass of auburn curls atop her head.
         You gave me the latest  news on our former crew, and as you talked, I realized just how much I miss you. I toyed with the idea of asking you to lunch, but your daughter grew restless, and you said you had to run.
       "We should have lunch sometime," you said casually, patting my arm in an oh-so-familiar gesture.
         Later, at dinner, I mention to Seven that I'd seen you.
         "I hope she is well," she replies.
          "She took a holiday in the Floridas. On the beach." I say. "Perhaps we should do something like that."
           Seven looks at me reproachfully. "You know it is inadvisable for me to swim."

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