Disclaimer:  No infringement intended. I don’t own Star Trek or any of its characters.  Nor do I make any money off this.

Notes:  This was written for Elem for the VAMB 2011 Secret Santa exchange. The request was for an adventure where J/C have only each other to rely on.   Many thanks to my most awesome beta QS for doing what she does so well and managing to do it on a deadline this time! Thanks!

Kingdom’s Son by Cheshire

“Lieutenant, it is imperative that you maintain control of her.”

“That’s easy-” B’Elanna jerked her head to the side, dodging a wildly flung elbow, “for you to say!”  She finally managed to get both arms around her target’s waist, trapping the flailing woman’s arms at her sides and locked her right hand around her left wrist.  It wasn’t an ideal hold, but it would have to do for the moment. “Can’t you give her something?”

“If I had a moment to spare,” the Doctor retorted while frantically running instruments over the supine form on the biobed, “or a trained medic available to help.” The ship bucked beneath their feet as if on cue to remind them that Tom was busy at the helm.  “However, I’m not sure it would help our situation.”

“How’s that?” B’Elanna grunted as the desperately writhing figure in her arms ground a heel all the way down her shin before digging it into the top of her foot. 

“They seem to be connected somehow – linked to each other,” he explained cryptically as he studied more readings coming from the medical instruments.  “It’s only when she approaches that he seems to calm.”

“Same.  Here.”  She had to shift her weight and take a step back to regain her balance between the two biobeds.  B’Elanna really didn’t want to take this struggle to the deck, but the woman’s agitated struggling was leaving her with little choice.

“Yes,” the Doctor glanced in her direction, “but in the commander’s case, becoming calm may reduce his chances of surviving.  If he feels her presence, even subconsciously, it may reduce his will to live.”

A shudder ran through Voyager, and B’Elanna could feel the intrepid ship tilt to port.  The inertial dampeners were failing. “I should be in engineering!”

Even manic, Kathryn Janeway was an excellent fighter and she used B’Elanna’s momentary distraction to her advantage, wriggling an arm free and throwing an elbow back, crunching cartilage beneath bone. 

“Seven will have to handle it.  I need you here,” he said, moving forward to help only to quickly jump back as the two struggling women fell to the deck with B’Elanna landing on top and pinning her captain down with a knee in the back. 

A mewling cry was the only sound the captain made as she flailed against the deck, trying to get up.  Inarticulate noises were the only sounds she had made at all since being beamed onto the ship. B’Elanna looked up at the doctor, red blood streaming from her nose, one hand firmly placed between the captain’s shoulder blades, holding her down.  “And we need both of them.  So fix this, Doctor.”

He nodded grimly, hurrying back to his instruments and patient.  “I just need to isolate what’s causing the connection and find a way to neutralize it.”

The ship rocked again and the lights dimmed and flickered.  As did the doctor.  B’Elanna locked eyes with the hologram just as the lights went out completely, leaving her blind in inky, black darkness.


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