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Back Before Midnight


“Right. I don't want to be late.”  Chakotay said in reference to his date with the imposter posing as a Starfleet officer.

”Just be home before midnight.”  The Captain ordered good-naturedly.

”Yes, ma'am,” he responded smartly as he left.



Hours later Chakotay walked down the quiet corridors of Voyager heading for his quarters.  Looking down at the padd in his hand Chakotay fed in info regarding what he had learned from Valerie Archer.  He looked up distractedly as he passed a few members of the crew, smiling at them.


Arriving at his quarters Chakotay sighed with exhaustion as he put in his access code.  Entering the darkened quarters he called for the lights at twenty per cent. 


Heading for his desk he continued to input information when he was stopped in his tracks by what sounded like a compression rifle being activated.


Looking up from the padd slowly Chakotay found himself facing his Captain holding her ever-faithful rifle and he was facing the business end of the weapon.


“Kathryn, what the hell are you doing?”


“When I said be back before midnight, I meant it,’ the Captain said dangerously.


“I’m not that late and you did send me on the mission,’ he said in defense of himself.


“Yes but you didn’t need to be gone six hours to retrieve useful information,’ she countered.


“Kathryn could you please put the rifle down, I think it’s a little drastic,” Chakotay said nervously.


“The jury is still out on that,” Kathryn off handedly remarked as she adjusted the rifle. 


“Kathryn I had to play along and I finally left her place with the excuse of doing a report,” and as the comment left his mouth Chakotay knew it was a mistake.


Diving for cover Chakotay rolled over coming back up in a crouch as he thought about his options.


Stay hidden or tackle the situation and the woman holding the compression rifle.  Maybe he could reason with her or at least buy some time.


“Kathryn, how are you going to explain a missing First Officer,” Chakotay asked as he worked on an alternate plan of action.


“Who’s going to question me,” she stated simply.


“Okay, won’t you miss me as your First Officer,” he questioned.


“I think Tom would be a suitable substitute, I offered it to Tuvok but he declined,” Kathryn explained as she activated the rifle as she stepped beside the desk.


Surprise was replaced with anger as she found the spot empty.  Turning around to check the other side of the desk, Kathryn was caught by surprise as Chakotay brought the two of them down with a thud to the ground with the rifle trapped between their bodies.


“Kathryn, you know nothing would happen with Valerie,” he whispered to the prone woman.  “First off she is Species 8472, but more importantly I love you my dear wife.”


Flipping them over, Kathryn sat up still holding the rifle.  Patting it menacingly she warned, “Just remember this is always handy and replacements can be found for the First Officer.”


Rolling them again, Chakotay removed the rifle from her grip and slid it across the carpet out of reach.


“But could you find a replacement for your husband?”  He asked as he looked down into her glaring face.


He smiled giving her the full dimples that usually got him what he wanted.  Kathryn face slowly softened until she was smiling up at him.


“No I could never replace you,” Kathryn whispered as she reached up to slide her hands around his neck.  “But I’m getting fed up with these women who think you’re available.”


“Maybe you should tattoo ‘Property of Kathryn Janeway’ on my forehead,” he said jokingly but got worried when it looked like she was thinking about it.  “Kathryn.”


Laughing she said, “don’t worry I like your forehead the way it is but maybe I’ll start carrying the rifle around with me so I can blow the competition away.”


“My love you have no competition for my affection, you have all my love,” he promised as he kissed her thoroughly.


The End  





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