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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just my take on the C/7 pairing and some possible consequences. Came about as I was talking to a friend of mine about Endgame and was asked my opinion on it. And yes you guessed right! I never liked C/7!

A Gamble lost


B'Elanna Torres was on a mission. Just earlier today they had at last managed to reach the Alpha Quadrant and were now in orbit around Earth after seven very long years. She had given birth during the last hours of their journey and had just been released from sickbay. While normally nothing could have taken her from either of her babies, Miral and of course the ships engines, she had heard the most incredible rumour and now had to see for herself if it was true. Having handed Miral to her father Tom and not being allowed in main engineering anyway had not helped and instead her fury mounted with every step she took towards a certain first officers quarters. If what she had heard was true she was going to kill him – best friend or not! Storming into his quarters she didn't wait around. “Is it true?” She demanded to know without even saying hello.

Chakotay didn't appreciate her coming in like that but luckily he saw the expression on her face and wisely decided to talk to her instead of throwing her out. “Is what true?”

“Are you really in a relationship with Seven?”

Surprised he looked at her before reluctantly admitting to it. “We went on a few dates I wouldn't call it a relationship.”

B'Elanna now looked at him in complete disbelief. “Are you insane?” Just as he was about to interrupt her she quickly continued with, “No, don't answer that you obviously are!”

“You are out of line Lieutenant!” He thundered back.

“No, I don't think I am.” The half Klingon in front of him said before looking at him for a minute and softly asking what she really wanted to know. “Why? I thought you are in love with the Captain?”

A sheepish expression flittered across the Commanders face. “Well yes, I am.” He admitted at last.

“What?” Came the spluttered reply now.

The look on her face wasn't good he knew and he couldn't help himself – he started squirming. “Well, I was hoping to make Kathryn jealous if I am honest.”

“With Seven?” Came the too dry reply and he winced. Not daring to say a word he just nodded and automatically took a step back when his friend growled at him. “Well, I hope you are happy because you should know that you have completely destroyed any kind of relationship with Kathryn, friends or otherwise.” She told him and then turned to exit his quarters.

“Wait!” He exclaimed and continued when he saw that she had stopped just inside the room. “What do you mean with that? I know making her jealous didn't work but we are home! There is no more command relationship which stands in our way.”

B'Elanna couldn't help it now she gaped at him openly not believing that anyone could be that stupid. “You really don't know what you have done do you?” She asked him incredulously after a minute of silence. “You used Seven to make her jealous! You used her!” She accused him at last.

He winced at those words before giving her a look. “It sounds really bad when you say it like that you know?”

“It is what it is, get used to it.” Came the dry reply from B'Elanna who was by now completely exasperated by him and it showed in her tone. “Seven is more then half your age...”

“You trying to make me sound old now?” He interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

But his friend was undeterred. “... and like a daughter to Kathryn.”

“D... D – Daughter?” He spluttered now.

“Indeed.” B'Elanna answered with a raised eyebrow. She just couldn't believe that he never saw that, everyone else on the crew had seen it years ago. “Kathryn will never start anything with you now. She wants to see Seven happy and if that is with you then so be it.”

“How do you know that?”

“She told me so herself.” At his deer caught in the headlights look she decided to explain some more. “I spoke to her an hour ago and she admitted that while she is in love with you she will never stand in Sevens way. Even if that means that she has to play mother of the bride at your wedding.”

A whispered “Wedding?” was now the only thing that came out of Chakotays mouth.

B'Elanna just shrugged in reply. “I don't know why she said that maybe Seven mentioned something to her? She wouldn't explain it anyway.”

“Where is she? I need to explain!” A completely panicked Chakotay now wanted to know.

A pointedly raised eyebrow was his answer to that. “Seven or Kathryn?”

“Kathryn of course!”

“She is gone. Beamed down to headquarters half an hour ago.” The Commander had by now completely lost his ability to speak and just stared at his friend in silence so she continued. “Face it, old man! You have gambled and you have lost.” With that she turned and this time left the room without being stopped.

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