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Voyager and the characters belong to CBS Paramount but I have taken them out to play with.



By Crusher


It had been a long day for Voyager’s First Officer and as he stumbled into his quarters all he could think about was having a quick bite, a shower and then bed.


Moving through his living room to his bedroom he froze when he heard a noise.  It sounded like crying and as he looked about he found a small shape on his bed.  Cautiously he moved to the bed and sat down.  Gently placing his hand on the shoulder of the being crying it rolled toward him.  Chakotay was shocked to realize it was a small human child, female about a year and half or two years old.


‘Hi little one,’ he said quietly so as not to startle her.


‘I want my mommy,’ she cried as she threw herself into his arms.


‘Where is she?’  He asked knowing that she wasn’t on the ship but maybe she would know where she was from.


‘In her bedroom,’ the little girl cried as she buried her face in his chest.  ‘She won’t wake up,’ she explained with all the pain in her voice pouring out at her discovery.


Trying a different tact in hopes of calming her down he asked a simpler question.


‘What’s your name?’


‘Emily,’ she answered as she looked up at him with tear filled blue eyes.  ‘I want my mommy.’


‘I don’t know where she is sweetheart,’ Chakotay said apologetically.


‘Mommy,’ she wailed in response and each time she called for the woman that was not coming she became louder.


‘Janeway to Chakotay,’ called his next-door neighbor.


‘Chakotay here Captain,’ he answered hoping to be heard over the wailing child.


‘Is there a problem?’  She asked over the comm system.


‘Actually could you come over here I think I need your help,’ he pleaded and she agreed closing the link.


A few minutes later he heard his door open and Kathryn entered the room.  Stopping dead in her tracks she took in the scene in front of her.


‘Chakotay what’s going on?’  She asked quietly but the little girl had heard the voice and she raised her head from Chakotay’s chest.


Jumping down from the bed she ran to the startled woman and wrapped her arms around her legs. 


‘Mommy you woke up,’ the little girl cried and silence descended on the room.


‘Yes,’ Kathryn said unsure how to proceed as she looked over at her stunned First Officer.


‘I found her crying in my bed asking for her mommy and then you walked in and you know the rest,’ he said still stunned by the revelation.


Kneeling down in front of the child she looked her over as she recognized the blue eyes staring back at her.


‘Mommy where’s your hair?’  The little girl asked as she stroked Kathryn’s hair.


Kathryn was confused by this question and then realized her mother’s hair might be longer.


‘Is it shorter then when you last saw me?’  She asked trying to figure what was going on as the little girl nodded.  ‘Was it as long as yours?’  Kathryn asked as she stroked the little girl’s long hair and received a nod.  The conversation had calmed her and distracted her from her confusion.  ‘I cut it because it was in my way,’ she explained hoping it would satisfy the child.


‘Hi precious,’ came a voice from the shadows.


The little girl looked up and shrieked with joy as she saw her friend


‘Uncle Q,’ she called as she ran to him to be picked up in a hug.  ‘You found her,’ Emily cried as she kissed his cheek.  ‘She’s awake.’


‘Of course she is,’ he smiled down at the little treasure in his arms.  ‘I promised you didn’t I and I never break a promise to you.  Oh here we forgot this when we left,’ he said as a stuffed bear appeared in his hand.  The little girl grabbed the bear hugging it and Q as he laughed.


‘Q what’s going on?’  Kathryn demanded.


Rocking the little girl in his arms she quickly fell asleep.  The command team watched in amazement as he laid the child gently on the bed then covered her with a blanket.


Walking out to the living room the couple followed totally puzzled by his behavior.


‘Okay Q please tell me why that little girl thinks I’m her mother,’ Kathryn asked as she stopped in front of the alien.


‘Because you are or should I say in the future you will be,’ the omnipotent being explained as he sat on Chakotay’s couch.  ‘Have a seat and I will explain and you might as well sit to Chuckles since you had your part in this.’


‘You do make it home and of course there are parties and such to celebrate.  But before you make it to Earth the crew have a party to celebrate and Tom Paris has real alcohol at the festivities and everyone partakes.  The two of you get pretty friendly and leave the celebration to have a private party in these quarters.’


‘I didn’t know you had it in you Commander, you lasted a long time but you finally passed out and when the call came from the bridge you didn’t hear Kathryn leave.  You woke hours later when Seven came to your quarters and pretended it was she you had been in bed with.  When Kathryn returned from the bridge after dealing with Starfleet and their demands she walked in on you and Seven.  You left his quarters and never spoke privately with him again.’


‘After all the meetings and parties ended Chakotay here left with Seven and the crew went on their way.  You went home to Indiana but your mother had past away a few months before your return.  You found out a while later that you were pregnant and decided to retreat to your family cabin in Colorado.’


‘You had a rough time during the pregnancy and nearly died giving birth.  You never really recovered from the delivery and the only reason for living was that little girl but unfortunately that wasn’t enough and when you put your daughter to bed you went to sleep also but didn’t wake.  Emily had tried for the past few days to wake you but of course she was unsuccessful.  I heard her cries and took her from there and brought her here to you.  She had no one else when you withdrew to the cabin no one knew about Emily’s existence.’


‘Chuckles here realizes his mistake and breaks it off with Seven and returns to Earth to find you.  He would search for months and would finally find you and Emily both dead in your bed,’ Q finished quietly. 


Kathryn sat with tears pouring down her face while Chakotay sat beside his Captain stunned.   


‘Are you seeing Seven?’  Kathryn asked quietly.


‘We have had one date,’ Chakotay answered startled by her question.


‘Don’t worry Kathy, she made the first move and he was flattered and lonely.’  Q commented as he watched the two humans.  ‘Kathy are you jealous you’ve made it clear that you don’t want him so what does it matter if he hooks up with someone else.’


Before Kathryn could answer a small voice called her from the doorway.


‘Mommy,’ Emily said as she moved over to the couch to climb up into Kathryn’s lap.


‘Hi little one,’ Kathryn said as she wrapped her arms around her.


‘When are we going home?’  The child asked not understanding the situation.


‘Not for a while,’ the woman explained to the little girl.  ‘I have to do something and then we can go home.’


‘Okay,’ Emily answered easily.  ‘I’m glad you woke up,’ she continued as Kathryn’s heart wrenched at the thought of the child trying to wake her dead mother.  She froze as she realized that she was that woman.


‘Well I need to go,’ Q announced and turned to Emily.  ‘I’ll see you soon,’ he told her as she crawled out of Kathryn’s arms and over to give him a hug and kiss.


‘Bye Uncle Q,’ the little girl said and then he disappeared.


‘Well I’ll take Emily to my quarters I’m sure you have plans,’ Kathryn said as she scooped up her daughter without looking at her First Officer.


‘Bye,’ the little girl called to the big man as she headed for the door in her mother’s arms.


‘Bye Emily,’ the man called from the couch.


Kathryn replicated them something to eat and then gave the little girl a bath and read her a story.  Emily fell asleep within the security of her mother’s arms.  Kathryn carried her into her bedroom and laid her down in her bed.  Watching her sleep for a while to make sure she was all right Kathryn returned to her living room.


Grabbing a coffee the Captain moved to stand by the view port.  Kathryn stood looking out at the stars and thought about everything she had learned today about making it home, her and Chakotay and finally Emily


She couldn’t believe after all the years of fighting to get home that she would end up alone in her family cabin.  Kathryn wasn’t really surprised that she had died of a broken heart only that she had left Emily alone.  Kathryn thought of the little girl finding her mother in the morning and of her attempts to wake her.


Her tears started silently but shortly sobs broke out and every passing moment those sobs became louder.


Chakotay heard Kathryn crying and was tempted to go to her but knew she wouldn’t want to see him and then he heard Emily’s cries.


‘Mommy don’t cry,’ the little girl said as she ran across the room to Kathryn.


Kathryn scooped her up and held her as she sobbed.


‘I’m okay baby,’ Kathryn cried.  ‘Let’s get you back to bed,’ her mother said as she walked back toward the bedroom.


‘Stay,’ Emily begged and Kathryn complied quickly changing into a nightgown and lying down beside the little girl.


The next morning Kathryn woke before her alarm and reset it for the next day so as not to disturb a sleeping Emily.


Kathryn was enjoying the spray of the water when a voice or more precisely a cry broke through to her.  Shutting the water off she listened and then she heard it.


‘Mommy,’ she could hear her daughter cry.


Grabbing a towel she quickly wrapped it around her as she dashed back to her bedroom.  Running to her bed she found the child still sleeping and in the throes of a dream.


‘Mommy,’ she pleaded.


‘Baby I’m here,’ Kathryn called as she picked the child up.  ‘It’s okay sweetheart wake up.’


Frightened eyes opened to look at Kathryn in confusion and then she wrapped her arms around her mother.


‘Mommy,’ she cried and Kathryn answered that she was there.


When Emily calmed down she noticed that her mother was wet and Kathryn explained that she was in the middle of a shower that she needed to finish.


‘Can we have a bath?’  The little girl asked and Kathryn laughed.  Yes she was definitely her mother’s daughter.


Returning to the bathroom Kathryn filled the tub and the two of them slipped into the water.


They were just getting dressed when their conversation was interrupted.


‘Chakotay to Janeway,’


‘Janeway here what can I do for you Commander?’  She asked coolly as they moved to her living room.


‘I was wondering if you would like to join me for breakfast,’ Chakotay asked.


‘We were just sitting down,’ Kathryn started when Emily realized who was talking.


‘Kotay come,’ she called as she smiled up at her mother.


‘Kathryn,’ he asked over the comm.


‘The little one would like you to join us and we need to discuss how we are going to handle the situation.’  Kathryn said as she punched in some requests to the replicator.


‘I’ll be over in a minute,’ Chakotay said as he closed the link.


Laying out the food, she set out an extra place setting as the door chimed.


‘Come,’ Kathryn called as she finished getting the food from the replicator.


‘Kotay,’ the little girl screamed as he walked through the door.  Running to him she held her arms up and demanded.  ‘Up.’


‘Yes you’re definitely your mother’s daughter,’ Chakotay commented as he lifted the child to receive a hug.


‘Sorry I don’t think I heard you Commander,’ the Captain asked she sat at the table.


‘Nothing,’ he answered as he sat Emily at the table and took his own seat.


Breakfast was quiet except for Emily’s occasional chatter.   After finishing her breakfast Emily jumped down from the table and ran over to her toys.  Q had brought all her toys and clothes when he brought her from her home.


‘So how do you want to announce her appearance?’  Chakotay asked as he watched Kathryn.


‘I thought I would just explain that Q brought her from the future because she had no one,’ Emily’s mother explained as she looked down at her coffee.


‘Are you going to mention who her father is?’  The big man questioned.


‘No, Emily doesn’t know who you are and the crew doesn’t need to know,’ Kathryn tried to say and she saw Chakotay about to protest and put her hand up to stop him.  ‘Give her time to get use to me and being on the ship and then we will tell her about you.  Your new relationship probably doesn’t need this interruption.’


‘Kathryn there is no relationship it was one date,’ he said as he looked at her sad posture.


As if she didn’t hear him she continued on.  ‘I’m glad you have someone, you’re a good and loving man and you deserve to have someone.’


‘What about you Kathryn, don’t you deserve someone?’  Chakotay asked softly.


‘I have to get the ship home,’ she answered quietly.


‘Mommy,’ Emily called and Chakotay’s response was saved for another time.


‘Call for a senior staff meeting in thirty minutes,’ Kathryn said as she moved to her daughter.  ‘I’ll call Sam down and ask her to bring Naomi to stay.’


Chakotay nodded and called goodbye to Emily as he left.



Conference Room


The staff was patiently waiting for their Captain to arrive.  Occasionally they looked at Chakotay hoping he would give them a clue to this sudden meeting but no information was forthcoming.


The Captain strode in a few minutes later calling her thanks for their prompt attendance and her apologies for keeping them waiting.


‘I have called you here because you will become aware of a change in my personal life shortly.  Q left me a present last night and I thought I should inform you and the rest of the crew as soon as possible.’  Kathryn started as she looked around at the curious faces.


‘Q brought someone from the future,’ Kathryn started and everyone became interested in the new person.  ‘She is my daughter,’ questions started and Kathryn held her hand up.  ‘It seems that we get home and I have a child but I pass away and Emily is left by herself.’


‘Why would she be by herself,’ Tom asked.


‘And why did you pass away?’  B’Elanna said astounded that this vibrant woman could not be there for them and why would they not be around.


‘Where were we?’  Harry was questioning the possibility of the family not being together.


‘I might be able to answer all these questions,’ came the voice from the end of the table.  The staff turned to see Q casually sitting in a chair.


‘Q no,’ Kathryn tried to protest but he wouldn’t listen.


‘You make it home but Kathy is separated from the rest of you.  Fleet tells the crew when asked where she is that the Captain has been debriefed and is now home enjoying a holiday with her family before she ships out again.  You of course are hurt that she is not there and at first don’t believe them but they give you notes from her that tell you that you are a great crew but she has to distance herself from you.’


‘Meanwhile Kathryn is fighting tooth and nail for you with the Admirals.  She promises them anything to keep everyone free.  They tell her that she will never Captain a ship again and that her crew hate her.’


Cries are heard around the table that they would never believe the stories.


‘But you do and when the crew is finally released, the Maquis with a slap not one of you ask for the Captain.  She is brought to the parties but kept away from the crew and after the last party everyone leaves and never takes a second glance in the Captain’s direction to see her pain.  She finally returns home to find out that her mother has passed away a few months before your return.  The Captain’s sister is on the other side of the Alpha quadrant and unable to see her.  They pass a few calls back and forth but Phoebe is busy with her own life.’


‘Kathryn believes that her sister blames her for her mother’s death and she is probably right.  Kathryn finds out she is pregnant and decides to go to her family cabin in the mountains in Colorado.  She has a difficult pregnancy and nearly dies giving birth but she survives for her daughter.  And for the next twenty months she lives for her daughter but unfortunately it won’t be enough and she passes away in her sleep.  I found Emily crying over her mother in her bed and decided to take the child away.’


‘We traveled for a while I showed her different things but she kept asking for her mother and I decided to bring her here to Kathryn,’ Q finished his story. 


‘What about the child’s father?’  Tom asked and then added.  ‘If you don’t mind me asking, how could he leave you alone with a child?’


‘He didn’t know about the child and by the time Kathy found out about the baby he was gone,’ Q explained knowing Kathryn couldn’t answer at the moment.


‘Who?’  B’Elanna started but was interrupted when the door opened.


Sam walked in carrying a child.  ‘Captain I’m sorry but she became very upset and I thought it best to bring her to you.’


Kathryn rose quickly and walked to the upset woman.  Taking the child from Naomi’s mom she held her tight as she spoke to Sam.  ‘It’s okay she’s not use to being around people.  Did she have fun with Naomi?’


‘Yes she had fun but then Naomi called to show me something and Emily wanted to show you and you weren’t there so she became upset.’


‘That’s fine thanks Sam maybe they can get together again and play,’ Kathryn offered and Sam nodded acceptance of the plan as she excused herself.


Moving back to the table she sat rocking the child as the staff watched the way their Captain handled the little girl.  Speaking softly to her she calmed her daughter and then explained she wanted to introduce her to some people and turned her in her lap. 


‘Emily I would like you to meet some friends of mine,’ Kathryn said as the little girl looked up.  Emily saw Chakotay and any questions the senior staff had about her father were answered as soon as she smiled.  She had her mother’s eyes and nose but she had her father’s skin and hair coloring but the telling sign was the dimples when she smiled.


The staff said hello and the little girl said hello back.  She squealed in delight upon seeing Q.  Squirming off her mother’s lap she ran over to him to be picked up.


‘Hi Uncle Q,’ the little girl said as an astounded group listened.


‘Hi precious, are you having fun,’ the omnipotent being asked.


‘Yes,’ she laughed as he tickled her.


‘I have to go Kathy but I’ll be back to check on you,’ he told the Captain and then turned to the little girl.  ‘If you need me you just call okay.’


‘Okay,’ she giggled as he tickled her again.  Quickly she kissed him then he placed her on the floor and disappeared.


Emily moved down the table and climbed up on Chakotay’s lap with his help.


‘Hi Kotay,’ she smiled up at him and everyone saw the longing in the older man’s face to claim this child.


‘Hi little one,’ he said as he kissed the top of her head.


Seven stiffly watched the two and watched the emotions wash over the Captain’s face.


Kathryn dismissed the staff, thanking them for their time.


Chakotay stayed to play for a few minutes with the little girl.


‘You didn’t need to hear all that Kathryn,’ Chakotay said gently as he handed Emily over to her.  ‘Why don’t you spend the day with her?’


Nodding her head she was unable to talk at the moment with all the emotions fighting inside her.


‘Kotay,’ Emily called and the big man turned back and knelt in front of the little girl.


‘Yes Emily,’ he said with a smile gracing his face.


‘Stay,’ the little girl pleaded realizing even though she was young that her mother needed his strength.


‘I can’t right now I have to work,’ and he saw her disappointment.  ‘But if it’s okay with your mom maybe we can have dinner together.’


Chakotay suggested and Kathryn once again nodded.


Finally getting her emotions under control, Kathryn stood with her daughter and left for her quarters. 


They spent a few hours putting Emily’s clothes away and finding places for her toys.  Taking a break the ladies had lunch and then a tired little girl curled up in her mother’s arms to doze off. 


Chakotay entered the holodeck, at the end of his shift he had gone to his quarters and changed and then requested the location of the Captain.


The scene that greeted him was a sandy beach that led down to water where he found Emily splashing away with her mother.  Kathryn was laughing and wet but she didn’t seem to mind.  She looked the happiest he could remember in years.  The last time he had seen her this relaxed was New Earth and that felt like a lifetime ago.


‘Kotay,’ Emily shouted as she spotted him and ran to him laughing.


Kneeling down he chuckled at the wet little waif that threw herself into his arms.


‘Having fun,’ he asked and received an excited nod of the head as he carried her back to her mother.


‘What can I do for you Commander?’  Kathryn asked as Chakotay placed Emily on the ground so she could run back to the water.


‘I promised Emily I would have dinner with the two of you and I decided to bring a picnic for us to enjoy here.’  He explained as he pointed to the basket sitting a short distance back up the beach. 


Kathryn nodded as she stood watching Emily run into the water a little and then back out.


‘Please forgive me,’ he said quietly. 


‘There is nothing to forgive,’ Kathryn said quietly as she sat down on the beach.


Sitting down beside her he watched his daughter playing in the sand.


‘Maybe not yet but there would have been,’ Chakotay said as he turned to look at the woman beside him.


‘Don’t worry about it Q has now changed our future,’ she said quietly as she allowed the sand to slip through her fingers. 


‘Kathryn it was only one date and not a very enjoyable one,’ he tried to explain   ‘I was lonely and flattered it was a real ego booster.  What I wanted I couldn’t have and she offered a distraction from my empty life.’


‘We have become distant over the past few months,’ Chakotay commented as he turned to the woman sitting beside him.  ‘Do you think we could start over and try to get our friendship back online to start with?’


‘For Emily’s sake,’ Kathryn asked as she looked up at him.


‘Not just her I miss our friendship,’ he explained as he watched their daughter running in and out of the water.


‘I’d like that because I have missed our meals together and our talks,’ Kathryn told him.


Calling Emily over to them they laid out the blanket and sat down to eat.


Putting away the dishes and containers he watched Kathryn laughing and splashing in the water again with Emily.  She was wearing a pair of faded jeans rolled up with a t-shirt.  Wet with sand splattered here and there Kathryn was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.


Making their way through the corridors of Voyager Chakotay carried a tired Emily while Kathryn carried the blanket and basket.  Entering the Captain’s quarters Chakotay walked with Emily into the bedroom.  Kathryn retrieved the little girls pajamas and quickly changed her then tucked her into bed with a kiss.  Chakotay said a quiet goodnight to her with a kiss.


Returning to the living room Chakotay stood not sure what to do.


‘Well I guess I should say goodnight,’ he finally said.


‘Or you could stay for a while I would like to talk unless you have other plans,’ Kathryn said a little unsure.


‘No I would love to stay,’ he said with a smile.  ‘I was just going to read for a while.’


The crew was told that Emily had been brought from the future by Q her parentage was left with only the senior crew knowing the whole story.  Kathryn and Chakotay spent all of their off duty time with each other and Emily.  Kathryn was trying to make up for the little girl’s life up until she arrived on the ship.  Q had returned to check on his little friend and had told Kathryn about Emily’s life with her future self.


The Kathryn of the future tried to be a good mother but her sadness over the return of Voyager to the Alpha quadrant overshadowed everything in her life.  Emily was witness too much of her mother’s sadness even though she had tried to hide it but she would hear Kathryn crying and climb out of her bed to go and comfort her mother.


Chakotay had been in Kathryn’s quarters for one of Q’s visits and he was racked with guilt when he left.


‘Chakotay,’ Kathryn said softly as she moved to where he stood by the view port.


‘I cause you so much pain,’ he said quietly as he continued to stare out at the stars.


‘You were meant to believe what Fleet told all of you,’ she said as she slipped between him and the viewport.


‘But I shouldn’t have,’ Chakotay said he tried to avoid looking at her.


Placing her hands on either side of his face she pulled him down to look into her eyes.  ‘We drifted apart remember hence why you would believe what they said.’


Pulling her into his arms and holding her tight to him he whispered into her hair.  ‘I will never doubt you.’


‘I know you won’t,’ she answered as she enjoyed the feel of his arms.  ‘Q changed our future when he brought Emily here but I don’t want you to let go of a possible relationship because of us.’


Grasping Kathryn’s face and directing it up so she could see the answer in his eyes he spoke quietly.  ‘This is the last time I’m going to say it, it was one date and that was a few weeks ago.  I’m not interested in dating anyone because she is not what I want.’


‘What do you want?’  Kathryn asked as she watched his face.


‘You,’ he answered honestly.  ‘And that little girl that we created because you two are all I need.’ 


They moved on slowly spending a lot of time together over the next few weeks.


After a week of tough negotiations the crew was taking a few days to relax   Chakotay had arranged for a picnic for Kathryn, Emily and him.  He was waiting for his two favorite ladies in the park near the Trade buildings.


He thought back over the past three months since Emily came on board.  Chakotay shuttered when he thought of the accident and how he nearly lost it all.  Like this stop their last was for supplies more specifically food.


The people were helpful and very willing to trade and after the negotiations Kathryn had taken Emily down to the planet to show her some sights.  Chakotay had beamed down after securing the food supplies.  He was walking toward the market with Tom Paris, joking about what the ladies were getting up to.  B’Elanna had joined the Captain and her daughter to enjoy some free time.


B’Elanna was walking toward the men while Kathryn and Emily investigated the wares of a vendor’s booth.  Kathryn was moving toward the seller while Emily waved at him excitedly.  A commotion started in the stall beside them when someone yelled and then Chakotay found himself flying backwards.


Lying stunned for a moment he jumped up when he remembered the two ladies in his life.  Helping Tom up they ran to B’Elanna and once assured that she was fine Chakotay moved to where he last saw Kathryn.


Digging quickly he uncovered the still form of the Captain.  Moving the debris with Tom’s help they looked for Emily.  Chakotay was about to lose it when B’Elanna tapped him on the shoulder.  Looking up at her he followed the direction she was pointing at.  Under Kathryn’s leg they saw a small foot sticking out.


‘God Emily,’ he cried as he realized that Kathryn was lying on top of their daughter.


‘Paris to Voyager,’ he heard the young man beside him call but received no response.


Chakotay looked down at his chest but his comm badge was gone just as he was about to ask B’Elanna to try hers he saw three forms materializing a short distance away.


Harry and two security members were standing there.


‘Ensign we need a medical beam out directly to sickbay,’ Chakotay called as he turned back to Kathryn’s still form.


Moving quickly to his commander’s side he looked down at his Captain.


‘Medical emergency please lock onto my signal and expand field to include four members,’ he started to say when Chakotay stopped him and pointed to Kathryn’s leg.  Harry’s eyes widen when he realized what he was looking at.  ‘Correction five extra bodies,’ he finished as the transporter beam captured them. 


They reformed in sickbay in front of the doctor.  Moving to a console he quickly punched in some requests and the Captain’s body disappeared and reappeared on a biobed.  Chakotay looked down at the still form of his daughter.  Gently he picked up her small body and placed her on the bed beside her mother.


Stepping back he let Paris work on Emily while the Doctor scanned the Captain.


He watched until he felt himself being moved to a chair and then pushed down into it.  He looked up at B’Elanna and noticed the cuts and bruises on her face.


‘Relax Chakotay I’m going to have a look at you,’ the young woman said as she pushed him back down.  ‘You can still see them from here.’


A while later found Chakotay sitting between the two beds that contained everything he held dear. 


‘Commander,’ the Doctor said to get the man’s attention.  ‘Emily will be fine she sustained mostly minor injuries such as bruises and cuts.  Her major injuries were the cracked ribs and a concussion.  The Captain on the other hand sustained a major concussion, broken leg and arm as well as a broken jaw and several ribs and the list goes on.  She protected her daughter from the explosion and it will be touch and go as to whether she makes it.’


Chakotay sat there stunned he wouldn’t accept that he could lose her.


‘She will come back to us Doctor because she made a promise to this crew,’ Chakotay said with determination.  ‘But she will come back for that little girl.’


And with that said he turned his attention back to the sleeping forms on either side of him.


A dozing First Officer woke when he felt his hand moving.  Slowly fighting his way through the fog, he moved cautiously as his muscles screamed.  He was confused as to why he so uncomfortable and then it came crashing in on him and he sat bolt upright.


Looking first to Kathryn he found her still unconscious turning to Emily’s bed he found her slowly trying to wake.


‘Come on baby time to wake up,’ he called gently to her as he signaled the Doctor.


The little girl opened her eyes to see Chakotay looking down at her as the Doctor ran a few tests. 


‘Kotay,’ the frightened child said.


‘It’s okay Emily, how do you feel,’ he asked gently as he stroked her hair.


‘Hurts,’ Emily answered as she started to cry.


Quickly pressing a hypo spray to her neck the Doctor told her father she would be fine.


‘Can I pick her up?’  Chakotay asked the Doctor and received a nod of his head.  Lifting her up he cradled her in his arms and rocked her gently while murmuring soothing words.  Eventually Emily calmed down, Chakotay brushed her tears away as he smiled down at her.


‘Mommy,’ the little girl asked the question that Chakotay had dreaded.


Pointing to the bed beside them he explained.  ‘Mommy is sleeping for a little while until she feels better.’


‘Better now,’ the little girl asked as she looked up with tear filled blue eyes.


‘Not yet sweetheart but soon,’ he promised as her eyes closed and she fell asleep.


‘Commander you can’t promise her that,’ the Doctor stated.


‘Yes I can because she will wake up soon and that’s all that will be said on the subject,’ Chakotay told the hologram as he lay his daughter down.  He kissed her forehead and then turned with a look that would have stopped a Hirogen in his steps.  ‘She will wake up and Emily will not be told differently.’


‘I’m going to go to my quarters and shower and grab a quick bite,’ Chakotay told the hologram.  ‘And then I will return if either should wake call me right away,’ and with that he left.


Over the next two days Chakotay was a constant fixture in Sickbay as he tended his daughter and watched over Kathryn.  He would sit and talk to Kathryn for hours or sing songs with Emily or read books to his daughter.


Tom and B’Elanna came into to see how they were doing and the scene that greeted them broke their hearts.  Chakotay was trying to calm an upset Emily who wanted her mommy to wake up now. 


‘Hi Chakotay how’s it going?’ B’Elanna asked as her and Tom moved over to their First Officer.


‘Not bad,’ he said as he rubbed Emily’s back.


Tom moved forward as he held his arms out to Chakotay for Emily.  ‘Why don’t I take Em to the holodeck for a while,’ he suggested.


‘What do you say honey?’ He asked as his daughter as she looked at Tom.


‘Okay,’ she agreed as she reached out for one of her favorite people.


After Tom and Emily left B’Elanna turned back to her friend.  ‘How are you doing?’


‘Okay,’ he said as he stood beside Kathryn’s bed.


‘Bull this is tearing you up,’ the young woman stated.


‘I’m scared B’El,’ he said in a shaky voice.  ‘I’m afraid she will never wake up and Emily will once again lose her mom.’


‘I don’t think so Chakotay,’ B’Elanna said as she moved over and put her arm around him.  ‘She’ll come back, she just needs a little time to rest.’


‘Thanks B’El,’ he said as he hugged her.


Chakotay was talking to the doctor when Tom returned a few hours later with an excited Emily. 


‘Kotay,’ she called as she ran across the room to him.


‘Hi baby,’ he said as he knelt down beside her.  ‘What do you have there?’


‘Present,’ Emily informed him happily.


‘A present for who?’  Chakotay asked as he watched the joy in the little girl’s face.


‘You,’ Emily yelled as she handed him the package.


‘Me,’ he said surprised as he took the parcel.  ‘Can I open it now,’ and received an excited shake of the head.  Pulling back the paper he found a smooth cube made of a milky white substance.


‘It’s nice thank you,’ Chakotay said as the little girl giggled.


‘Maybe I should explain the present Chakotay,’ Tom said as he moved closer.  ‘The idea is you think about someone you care about and their image appears.  Why don’t you show Chakotay how it works Emily.’


‘Okay,’ the little girl said as she took the object, closing her eyes they watched as an image formed.  ‘See,’ she said proudly as they looked at Kathryn Janeway’s smiling face.  ‘You try,’ Emily said as she handed the present back to Chakotay.


Looking down the image changed until they saw Emily’s smiling face.


‘Like me,’ the little girl asked.


‘Yes baby,’ he said as he picked her up to sit in his lap.  ‘I love you,’ he told her as he hugged her. 


‘Love you,’ she said as she threw her arms around him.


Tears sprang to Chakotay’s eyes with her simple words that meant the world to him.  A thought came to Chakotay and he looked up at Tom.


‘Where did you get this?’  He asked as he looked down at his daughter.


‘Planet,’ she said happily as she touched the present that she had bought for him.


‘Emily can you sit here and talk to Mommy while I speak to Uncle Tom,’ Chakotay said calmly as he placed the little girl on the chair.


Nodding she knelt on the chair so she was level with the sleeping woman.  ‘Uncle Tom,’ she called as he started to walk away.


‘Yes Em,’ he asked as he looked down at her.


‘Present,’ she asked as she held out her hand.  ‘Mommy.’


Remembering he was still holding a package he laughed and handed it to her.


Walking into the Doctor’s office he found Chakotay with his back to him. 


‘You wanted to talk to me,’ Tom questioned as the big man turned.


‘Who gave you permission to take her off the ship?’  Chakotay demanded as he advanced on the young man.


‘I’m sorry but I checked with Tuvok to make sure it was safe,’ Tom explained as he put his hands up to block Chakotay from grabbing him.  ‘Please let me explain,’ Tom asked and received a nod as the big man crossed his arms over his chest.


‘We finished on the holodeck and decided to go see what Neelix had as a snack.  Naomi was there and she was all excited because she had gotten her mother a gift from the market.  Emily became upset and after a few questions I found out that she had gotten you something but lost it in the explosion.  She was crying and upset and I’m sorry I hate to see her upset,’ Tom said as he looked out at the little girl as Seven walked up to her.  ‘She knows how to use those big blue eyes and the trembling lip I will do anything that will make her happy.’


Clasping the young man’s shoulder he confided.  ‘Her mother does the same to me,’ he explained just as they heard a cry from the main room.


‘No,’ Emily screamed.  ‘Mommy wake up,’ she pleaded.


Tom and Chakotay were out of the office and across the room to the crying child in a flash.


‘Emily,’ Chakotay called as he scooped her up.  ‘What’s wrong sweetheart?’


He questioned while Tom checked the comatose woman.  Tom shook his head after finding nothing wrong he moved around to place a reassuring hand on the little girl.


‘Mommy wake up, ‘ the little girl choked out.  ‘Want Mommy … to wake up.’


‘She will but she’s just resting now remember what I told you,’ Chakotay said quietly.


‘She said Mommy isn’t going to,’ the distraught child said as she pointed to Seven.


Emily started crying again as her sobs became louder.


Passing her over to Tom he advanced on the former Borg.


‘How could you?’  He demanded of the young woman.


‘She needed to be told the truth,’ Seven said coldly.  ‘Children should not be sheltered it will do her no good when the Captain does not wake up.’


‘It is up to me what she is told,’ the Commander started when the Doctor tried to come to the young woman’s defense.  Chakotay put his hand up to stop him and the look in his eyes made the Doctor step back.  Holographic or not he feared for his existence as the Commander dared him to continue.


‘You should tell her the truth or is it that you can’t face what is in front of you.’  Seven said snidely.


‘What I choose to tell my daughter is up to me and I think you all should learn that it’s up to her mother and I what she is told.’  Chakotay spat out as he turned back to Tom.


‘Commander she has to realize,’ the Doctor tried again but backed off once more when Chakotay turned his death glare on him.


‘My daughter doesn’t have to realize anything except that her mother will wake up when she is ready,’ the big man ground out not realizing what information he imparted during his talk.


‘Uncle Tom,’ the little girl asked the man holding her.  ‘Is he my daddy,’ came the question.


Tom wasn’t sure what to do but since Chakotay had stated the answer a couple of times he nodded in the affirmative.  Wiggling to get down Tom placed Emily on the floor where she ran to the man facing away from her.  Upon reaching him she tugged on his pant leg.  Chakotay looked down at the little girl.


‘You’re my Daddy,’ she said amazed.


Kathryn had never mentioned him just that he was no longer around.


Chakotay froze as he looked at Tom and the young man explained. 


‘You mentioned the fact a few times while you have been talking,’ he explained and Chakotay realized what he had said.


Kneeling down to look in his daughter’s face he nodded his head.  Emily threw herself at him as she cried, ‘Daddy.’


Chakotay picked her up and walked over to the chair beside Kathryn’s bed.  Emily smiled up at him as he brushed her hair back.


‘Why?’  She asked as Chakotay looked puzzled.


He asked her and her answer nearly killed him.


‘Never saw me before,’ she inquired not knowing the complexities of her parent’s lives.


‘I was unable to because I was tied up but I’m very glad to know you now and I never want to let you go,’ he explained as the tears slipped down his cheeks.


His future self had missed out on knowing this little angel and he wondered if having the relationship with Seven had been worth it.  Emily wiped her father’s tears away as she smiled up at him.


‘Love you Daddy,’ she laughed as she hugged him.


‘I love you to baby,’ he told her as new tears sprang in his eyes.


Tom pulled the two onlookers away to the Doc’s office so the new family could be alone.


Swimming toward the surface she could see light appearing and finally she opened her eyes to look around.  Kathryn first noticed that the lights were down and the area was quite except for light snoring.  Turning her head she found Chakotay asleep on the bed beside her and on his chest was Emily.


‘Captain,’ the Doctor called to her and she turned from the sight in front of her.  Smiling the Doctor spoke quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping twosome.  ‘How do you feel?’


‘Fine just a little stiff,’ she answered as she turned to look at the sleeping forms.  ‘How’s Emily?’ 


‘She sustained minor injuries but she’s doing fine,’ the Doctor said as he helped her to sit up.  ‘You took the brunt of the explosion.  The shopkeeper and his assistant were killed while you and three others were seriously injured.  The Commander, Mister Paris, Ms Torres and Emily sustained minor injuries.’  He finished as he retrieved a hypo.  ‘I know you think you don’t need this but it’s a mild painkiller just to take the edge off,’ the Doctor said as he pressed it to her neck.


Kathryn eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep again.


Once again she came to the surface as she heard quiet sounds off to the side.  Opening her eyes she turned her head to see Chakotay talking to Emily as the child giggled at whatever he told her.


‘Hi there you two,’ Kathryn called with instant results.  Emily jumped down from her father’s lap and ran to the chair beside her mother’s bed.  Climbing up she threw herself into Kathryn’s arms. 


‘Mommy,’ the little girl cried as she held her mother tightly for someone so young.


‘Hi sweetheart,’ Kathryn said as she looked over her daughter’s head to the man watching them.  


‘Daddy is here,’ Emily informed Kathryn as the child looked at the Captain’s First Officer. 


‘Yes he is,’ the shocked woman said.


‘I’m sorry Kathryn I was reading the riot act to Seven and said a little to much,’ he said in way of an apology.


‘It’s all right we should have told her sooner,’ Kathryn said as she smiled up at the big man.


‘Daddy and I have been watching over you,’ the little girl said proudly.


‘You have, have you,’ Kathryn laughed.


‘I tried to take her to my quarters and then your quarters but she just cried for you,’ Chakotay explained as he sat down in the chair that Emily had vacated.  ‘Against the Doctor’s wishes we have stayed here day and night for the past three days.’


‘Oh Chakotay you must be exhausted,’ Kathryn said astounded that he would stay by her side like this.


‘No I’m too happy to see you awake,’ he told her honestly.


‘Commander do you think you could take both patients out of my sickbay and keep one of them entertained for a few days.’  The Doctor instructed as he moved away quickly before the Captain could carry out any retribution


‘Come on Emily let’s take Mommy home,’ Chakotay said as he picked up his daughter and placed her on the floor.


‘Okay come on Mommy,’ the little girl said as she jumped from foot to foot with excitement.


‘Here Kathryn let me help you down,’ Chakotay offered as he moved to assist the small woman down from the bed.


Upon entering the Captain’s quarters Emily ran over to Kathryn’s desk to retrieve the gift she had bought for her mother.


‘Here Mommy,’ Emily said as she handed the parcel to a curious Kathryn.  ‘Uncle Tom helped me get it.’


‘Really,’ Kathryn commented with a raised eyebrow in Chakotay’s direction.  ‘I think you have a lot to explain.’


‘You could say that,’ he said quietly.


‘I can’t wait to here the story.’ She said as he nodded.


Unwrapping the paper she found a beautiful necklace made of beads.


‘It’s wonderful baby,’ Kathryn said as tears slipped down her face.  ‘Thank you.’


‘Mommy don’t cry,’ the little girl pleaded as memories flooded her.


‘It’s okay Emily they are happy tears for the beautiful gift you gave me,’ Kathryn explained as she gathered her daughter in her arms.


‘Promise,’ Emily asked.


‘Promise,’ her mother said as she sat her in her lap.  ‘So what have you and Daddy been doing?’ 


Emily sat and talked away until Chakotay informed them that food was ready for eating.   


After dinner they sat quietly on the couch while Chakotay told Emily stories.


‘Seven to Commander Chakotay,’ came the call that brought silence to the room.


‘Chakotay here,’ the big man called as he watched Kathryn move over to look at something on her desk.  ‘What can I do for you?’


‘I was wondering if you were available now,’ the young Borg questioned.


Chakotay watched Kathryn’s back stiffen at the request.  ‘No Seven and I think we have already discussed this matter but I will meet you tomorrow in my office to explain to you once again.  Chakotay out,’ he called as he closed the link.


‘I don’t like her,’ said his daughter as she looked up at him with her mother’s steel gray eyes.


‘Seven didn’t mean to upset you,’ Chakotay explained to Emily.


‘But she upsets Mommy,’ the young child said, surprising both adults with her understanding of the situation.


‘How about we go over and give Mommy a hug,’ Chakotay whispered and his daughter agreed.


Walking over to the still Kathryn, Chakotay placed his hand on her shoulder so he could turn her around.  Kathryn continued to look down as Emily leaned forward to hug the quiet woman. 


‘Chakotay you don’t have to stay if you have other plans,’ Kathryn said as she kept her face buried in her daughter’s hair.


‘I know I don’t have to stay,’ he said as he shifted Emily a little on his hip.  Reaching out he slipped his hand under Kathryn’s chin so he could look at her.  “I want to stay here with my two favorite people.’


‘Yeah he loves us,’ Emily said proudly as Kathryn tried to hide her shock.  Wiggling out her father’s arms she ran over to the bag he had brought from Sickbay.  Digging around she pulled out the item she was looking for and ran back to the couple.


‘See here we are,’ Emily said as she showed her mother the gift she had purchased for Chakotay.


Kathryn took the rock and turned it so she could see the image.


Kathryn looked up at Chakotay for an explanation.


‘Uncle Tom and Emily went down to the market to get a present for me.  The vendor you had visited was gone of course so they found another gift.  The stone creates the image of the person in your mind,’ Chakotay blushed as he explained.  ‘It produces a picture of the person or people that mean something to you.’


‘He loves us,’ their daughter said happily not understanding what this meant to the two people in front of her.


Things moved slowly for the command team.  Kathryn wanted Chakotay to be sure that he wasn’t accepting the situation because of Emily.  She wanted him in her life because he loved her and not out of duty.


Chakotay was trying to convince Kathryn that he had only dated Seven because she had asked and he was flattered.  His feelings for the young Borg had not developed into anything.


The trio was found together most of the time and on occasion the Captain and Commander were seen without their daughter enjoying a quite moment.


Once again they were in negotiations for parts and information, Kathryn was dealing with the parts while Chakotay worked on the information.  Sometimes they had joint meetings but most of the time they were on their own with the planet officials.


They had finally finished the trade and had decided to celebrate with Emily and a picnic.


Kathryn had returned to the ship late and had told Chakotay he could beam down and she would join him with Emily as soon as possible.


‘Commander,’ called the Second Trade Minister bringing him back to the present.


Chakotay looked up to see the tall blonde moving toward him.  She had been part of the team that they had been talking to about their needs.


‘Minister Qal,’ Chakotay replied.


‘The negotiations are over Commander,’ the Minister said as she moved over beside Voyager’s First Officer.  ‘You can just call me Qal.’


‘Thank you and please call me Chakotay,’ he said in a friendly tone.


‘You look like you need a partner for your picnic,’ she said in a predatory tone.


‘I am expecting company,’ Chakotay answered as he tried to put space between them.


‘That’s okay I’ll stay until your date arrives,’ she replied as she sat closer.


‘I’m fine,’ was all Chakotay got out before Qal descended on him.  She kissed him and as hard as he tried he couldn’t push her off.  She finally broke the kiss and looked at him with a look of hunger that frightened him.


‘Qal there is someone I’m involved with,’ he tried to explain as he slid from her slightly.


‘I don’t mind on our world we have more then one partner,’ she explained as she tried to slide closer.


‘Among my people we have one partner,’ Chakotay explained firmly.


‘That is an interesting concept,’ she smiled at him.  ‘She must be something very special to keep your attention.’


‘Yes she is very special,’ Chakotay smiled as he thought about Kathryn.


‘Tell me about her,’ Qal asked as she moved back a bit from the man sitting beside her.


Chakotay sat in thought for a short time as he gathered his thoughts.


‘She is strong, wise and beautiful,’ he explained as he pictured Kathryn in his mind.  ‘She has a gentle heart but when she needs to be she can be tough.  She would give her life for anyone,’ Chakotay said as he described the woman he loved.


‘How long have you felt this way about your Captain,’ Qal said as the man beside her looked at her startled.  ‘Chakotay the face I saw as you described this woman is the same face I see every time you look at Captain Janeway.  I wish I could know the joy that you feel for her but among our people we do not have those types of emotions.  We have relationships to rid ourselves of pent up energy and to have children.’


‘So how long have you felt this way,’ the female alien asked.


‘The moment I met her she had my heart,’ Chakotay said honestly.  ‘I think I was born loving her and I searched for years until I found her.’


‘I envy her these feelings you have for her,’ Qal said quietly as she pulled herself together.  ‘So where is Captain Janeway?’


‘I’m not sure it seems she is running late,’ Chakotay said as he reached for his comm badge.  ‘Chakotay to Janeway.’


He waited and received no answer and his heart jumped into his throat. 


‘Chakotay to Transporter Room 1,’ he called as fear crawled into his heart.


‘Ensign Martin here Commander,’ came the response.


‘Ensign has Captain Janeway beamed down,’ the young man’s commanding officer asked.


‘Yes but then she beamed back up a short time later and she looked upset.’  Martin told Chakotay.


‘One moment Ensign,’ Voyager’s First Officer ordered as he turned to Qal.  ‘I need to return to the ship,’ he explained as she nodded.


Requesting a beam out he materialized in the transporter room.


‘Thank you Ensign,’ he said as he moved for the door.


Heading down the hall he called for Kathryn’s location and was told she was in her quarters.  Approaching the Captain’s quarters the doors opened and Tom Paris existed carrying Emily. 


‘Tom,’ Chakotay called out and the young man turned to face his commanding officer.


‘Hi Chakotay, I’m taking Emily to my quarters to watch cartoons.’  The young helmsman said as he looked nervously at the big man.


‘What’s going on?’  Chakotay asked as he moved closer to his daughter and the man carrying her. 


A tear stained face looked up from Tom’s shoulder.


‘You made mommy cry,’ she said accusingly.


‘What,’ Chakotay asked confused.


‘Saw you,’ the little girl cried.


Chakotay stood confused and then Tom explained.  ‘I think they walked in on you and Seven.’


‘Seven wasn’t with me,’ Chakotay tried to defend himself and then he realized that Kathryn and Emily must have seen Qal kissing him.


Reaching for his daughter he tried once again to explain.  ‘Baby I would never hurt your mommy or you.’


‘I don’t like you,’ she cried, as she held onto Tom tighter.


‘Why don’t I take her to watch cartoons and you go talk to the Captain,’ Tom said as he stroked the little girl’s back.


Chakotay nodded his head as he tried to hold back his tears.  Entering Kathryn’s quarters he could hear B’Elanna talking.


‘Kathryn I’m sure you misunderstood,’ the young engineer was saying.


‘I saw him B’Elanna,’ he could hear Kathryn’s tear choked voice saying.  ‘I saw him kissing Seven.’


Moving to the door he looked into Kathryn’s bedroom to find her and B’Elanna sitting on her bed.  B’Elanna had her arm around Kathryn as she tried to give the older woman comfort.


‘It wasn’t Seven it was Qal and she kissed me,’ Chakotay said quietly.


B’Elanna rose from the bed and walked towards the door.  ‘I’ll leave you two to talk,’ and with that she left.


Silence reined in the room till Kathryn’s quiet voice spoke.  ‘Just leave Chakotay.’


‘No,’ he said as he moved into the room.


‘I thought you wanted something with me,’ Kathryn said quietly.


‘I do,’ he said as he moved over and knelt in front of her.  ‘Qal kissed me and when I was finally able to free myself from her I told her I was involved with someone.  She told me that she didn’t mind’ he explained as a puzzled look came over Kathryn’s face.  ‘It seems on this world people have several relationships at the same time and their unions are not for love.’


‘Qal was fascinated by my feelings for you,’ Chakotay told her as he saw the shock on her face that he would discuss his feelings about her.  ‘I never mentioned your name she just knew it was you and said she envied you and I because she would never experience these feelings with another.’ 


‘Kathryn all I want is to love you,’ he explained as he lifted her face so he could look at her.  ‘I don’t want to be with you just because of Emily,’ he explained as he brushed her tears away.  ‘I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and the only reason I dated Seven was because I was lonely and I never thought I would have what I truly wanted.’


‘Did you enjoy the kiss?’  Kathryn asked him.


‘No for two reasons, one she nearly ripped my tongue out.  They are a very strong race and they put everything into it.’  Chakotay said with a shutter.  ‘The second reason and the most important reason was it was not you.’


‘To be honest it is something I have dreamt of,’ he said as he smiled at her.   


‘Really,’ she asked astounded.  ‘Well why don’t we make it come true,’ Kathryn whispered as she leaned forward.


Chakotay pulled her off the bed into his lap as he deepened the kiss.  Pulling back he looked down at her blissful face as he took a deep breath.


‘Kathryn I would love to continue this believe me,’ Chakotay said as he brushed her remaining tears away.  ‘But there is a little girl who is very upset with me and I need to make it right.’


‘What?’  She asked confused by his comment.


‘Emily was witness to the scene on the planet and your reaction to the events and right now she doesn’t like me very much.’  He told her as the pain of his daughter’s comment flashed through his eyes.


‘Where is she?’  Kathryn asked realizing for the first time that Emily must have overheard her and B’Elanna.


‘Tom took her to his quarters to watch his TV,’ Chakotay explained as Kathryn rose.


‘Janeway to Paris,’ she called as they moved to her living room.


‘Yes Captain,’ came the response to her hail.


‘Tom is Emily awake,’ she asked and then heard the answer for herself.


‘Mommy,’ came the little girl’s call.


‘Hi baby, Tom can you bring her back please,’ Kathryn asked and received an affirmative when the channel closed.


A short time later Kathryn’s door chimed and she called to allow entry.  Emily burst through the door but stopped dead when she saw her father standing near her mother.


‘Hi Emily,’ Kathryn called and then looked at her escort.  ‘Thanks Tom for looking after her.’


‘No problem I’ll leave so you can talk,’ the young man said as he ducked back out the door.


‘I don’t want him here,’ Emily said as she refused to look at her father.


‘Emily come here please,’ Kathryn called to her daughter as she sat on the couch.  Emily moved to her mother and Kathryn picked her up and sat her on her lap.


‘Sweetie why do you want daddy to leave,’ she asked her daughter.


‘Because he made you cry again,’ Emily said sadly.


‘Again,’ Kathryn questioned.


‘I’ll show you,’ Emily said as she slid off her mother’s lap and ran into the bedroom.  She came back a few minutes later carrying a picture frame.  Kathryn recognized the frame as Emily turned the picture so Kathryn and Chakotay could see the image.  A smiling Kathryn and Chakotay looked back at them from the frame.  The picture was taken at one of the ship parties a luau that Tom and Neelix had put together.


Chakotay was smiling down at Kathryn as she adjusted the lei she had been given.


‘You cried when you looked at this,’ Emily said sadly.


‘Oh baby,’ Kathryn said as she gathered her daughter in her arms again.  ‘I cried because I let him go and didn’t tell him how I felt about him.  I didn’t know where to find him to let him know about you.’


Kathryn knew it wasn’t the truth but Emily didn’t need to hear about all the mistakes that she made.


‘Emily,’ Chakotay said quietly.  ‘I would never want to be the cause of your mom’s unhappiness just like I wouldn’t want to make you cry.  I love the two of you very much,’ he told his daughter. 


‘Promise,’ the little girl asked as she looked up at him looking so much like her mother.


‘I promise,’ he told her as he held his arms out to her in an invitation for a hug.


Emily studied him for a moment until she decided that she could trust him.  Crawling across the couch to him and into his arms.


‘So my favorite ladies shall we have our picnic,’ Chakotay asked and received agreement to his plan.


Hours later they returned to the ship with a sleeping Emily.  Chakotay carried Emily into the Captain’s quarters and laid her gently in bed.


‘Sweet dreams princess,’ he whispered as he brushed her hair back.  Turning he found Kathryn watching him.  ‘I guess I should go it’s getting late,’ he said as he moved toward her.


‘No don’t,’ she said softly.  ‘Please stay we can’t do anything but I would like to fall asleep in your arms.’


‘I’d like that,’ he told her as he pulled her to him.




She was late as she hurried down the hall toward her quarters.


The meeting with the trade people went longer then she had hoped.  She was always there for bath time as well as story time if she was lucky she would be there for the story.


Entering her quarters she was greeted by silence and her heart sank as she realized that she had missed the story.  Checking Emily’s room she found it empty so she turned to the main bedroom.   Kathryn stopped at the entrance to the bedroom and enjoyed the sight that greeted her. 


On the bed lay her First Officer beside him laid their daughter and on his chest their son.  Leaning against the doorframe she watched them until she realized that a certain pair of dark eyes were watching her.


‘Hi,’ he said quietly.


‘Hi,’ she replied as she moved to the bed and sat down.  ‘I guess I missed everything this evening.’ Kathryn whispered as she looked down at their sleeping angels.


‘How did the meeting go?’  Chakotay asked as he watched her brush Emily’s hair back.


‘Okay we have what we need but I could have done without the nonsense.  Good decision sending Tuvok with me because he kept me calm,’ she chuckled as she remembered Tuvok constantly telling her to relax. 


‘You look tired,’ he commented as he reached up to cup her cheek.


‘I am,’ she said as she looked at her comfy bed that was overfilled.


‘Come join us,’ he encouraged as he tugged on her hand.


‘Do you have enough room for us?’  Kathryn asked.


‘Sweetheart you’re not that big,’ he laughed as he pulled her hand again.


‘Maybe not right now but give me time after all I was pretty big last time,’ she said as she smiled at him. 


‘Kathryn what are you,’ he started but stopped as it dawned on him.  ‘Another one,’ Chakotay asked as he smiled up at her.


Nodding her head she laughed quietly at his silly grin.  Picking Emily up she carried her daughter to her bedroom while Chakotay followed with Kol.  Leaving the children’s room Kathryn walked over to the replicator.  Chakotay wrapped her in his arms as she stood with her back to him.


‘I feel like I waited an eternity for you,’ he said as he leaned down to whisper in her ear.  ‘Then we had Emily come into our lives and she brought us together.  A year later and we had Kol come along and now another little one.’  Turning her in his arms he pulled her closer.  ‘Have I told you lately how much I love you because I have since the moment I met you seven years ago?’


‘And I love you,’ she whispered.


The End

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