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Past Featured StoryA story about friendship, love and jealousy. How will Kathryn decide?
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Published: 24/05/09 Updated: 24/05/09
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Written for Jot at VAMB's Spring Fling in May 2009.


Her request was


anything J/C, J, or C


I have to thank Sue and Pook for a wonderful beta job. Thank you ladies! You were great.


Another, even bigger, thank you goes to the ever wonderful Sira. I was ‘complaining' to her that my original plot idea didn't work out, or rather, that my muse had left me and she then provided this particular plot bunny, even though I think she meant ‘what if Sekaya has the hots for Kathryn' rather in joke than an actual plot idea. And my, did she had to do a lot of handholding when I was writing this one. Thanks again hon, you have no idea how wonderful you are *hugs*


And last, but not least another thank you to Sue for giving us this place for our work.



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