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Story Notes:
Written for Sira in 2007 as she challenged me on VAMB to write a drabble about why Janeway got problems with the Tak Tak in Macrocosm.


„She did what?“ Tom nearly spilled his coffee.“She proposed to the ambassador!” Neelix answered giggling.“By doing what?” asked B’Elanna.“By scratching her nose…”“And then?” Harry wanted to know leaning forward.“Then she cleared her throat which means something like: Your mother looks like a bulldog which is trying to pimp everything that’s not on a tree by three.” Neelix laughed.“But didn’t she read the protocols?” Paris howled.“Yeah I already wondered about that, too.” Neelix mused. “I wanted to give them to her, but Commander Chakotay wanted to have them first, mumbling something about April 1st…”

Chapter End Notes:



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