Stray Thoughts by Voyfan
Summary: 6tth in the Revenge Series.  Kathryn's thoughts about how life has changed
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Series: Revenge series
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Disclaimer:  Yeah, Kathryn still belongs to Paramount – I just had a different idea at the time.

1. by Voyfan

by Voyfan
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Stray Thoughts


By Voyfan



   I thought about you today.


   No particular reason. Nothing profound.  Just a stray thought that fluttered by on this summer’s day.


   It seems odd now that I used to think of you in more immediate terms. We were so intensely linked – as colleagues, as friends. I couldn’t imagine a day without you – then.


     But things change. We move on. You certainly did, before I even realized it.


     Funny, when I talk with our friends now, your name never comes up. Not with Harry, or B’Elanna. Certainly not with the doctor.  You’re a bit like my copy of  “The Inferno,” my engagement present from Mark --- consigned to the back shelf, holding memories, but seldom opened now.


       Still, there are times I wonder how you are – how you both are. If you’re well. If you’re happy.


        And there are things I wish I could share with you: Neelix’s latest message; Icheb’s progress at the Academy; my son’s birth…..


        And once or twice, I admit, I’ve lain next to my husband at night and wondered what it would be like to lie next to you….


       But I also wonder, if you came back into my life today, how it would be.  Our lives are so different now. I am so different now. Could we pick up again as friends?  Or would there be too many barriers between us?


         I have no answers, and none are forthcoming.  Perhaps all I can do  – all I should do --  is occasionally peruse that book of memories – then return it to the shelf.




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