Masks by joywriter
Summary: B'Elannas thoughts about J/C in 'The Cloud'
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Written for Dana in June 2008



Chapter 1 by joywriter





I don't know what exactly had just occurred between the both of you, just before I entered the ready room, prepared to deliver you my report. You said he only introduced you to your animal guide, but I saw the way he looked at you.


I've seen that look before, then again, never so intense maybe. You probably didn't notice, as your back was turned to him. You didn't see how his intense stare almost seemed to burn your uniform.


Then, for just a fracture of a second, as you turned your head back to him, the wanton look suddenly vanished from his face, hidden behind a perfect innocent mask.


It happened so quickly that, for a moment, I wondered if I'd actually seen right and didn't imagine it. But yet, there still was that little twinge of jealousy hidden inside my heart as I turned and left the room.





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