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Reviewer: iowanmom (Signed)
03/10/20 - 11:05 pm
As much as I like Jack....this hurts my heart...
Other Plans
Reviewer: ZB (Anonymous)
19/01/12 - 08:45 pm
Very enjoyable story, though it had an unexpected ending!! 
Changing Fate
Reviewer: Sue (Anonymous)
07/12/09 - 06:21 pm
I can't believe I haven't commented on this series before...anyway, I love the way you've introduced Jack and I enjoyed this first installment.

Author's Response:   Thank you!  I'm rather fond of Jack myself ;)
Moving on
Reviewer: Melanie (Anonymous)
10/07/09 - 08:29 pm
This whole series is so well written & has a great pace, but I just felt so bad about how it turned out for J/C. My opinion of Janeway was that she would embrace a non starfleet man because in the end, she was a rebel, too, in her own right.  I think a part of her would always be unfiufilled in this life she chose no matter how much she says she loves her husband. 
Changing Fate
Reviewer: Ccountry (Anonymous)
03/03/09 - 02:15 pm
Good grief that was a sad one!
Changing Fate
Reviewer: CCountry (Anonymous)
03/03/09 - 02:05 pm
That was differnt- I got a little lost sometimes- But a good read!
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