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Once upon a time there was a tree. It got cut down and sculpted into a hollow box, and metal strings were attached to it. It met a very nice long stick with horse hair that made it very happy for the companionship...but it wanted more. It wanted to be a real person. So one day, it went to the Blue Fairy and asked, "Blue Fairy, can you make me a real person?" And the fairy said, "No, my child, I cannot. But I can give you a gift." And with that, she waved her wand, and suddenly the instrument found itself with a beautiful voice, which it felt compelled to share with all the world...
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Ficlet written for the VAMB secret exchange.  First sentence was from Cori and she requested it be J/C with no sad ending. 
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Very powerful. I like it a lot.
Chapter 1: Chapter 1