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A PWP for the New Year. A little time off is arranged by Captain Chakotay for Admiral Kathryn Janeway for a week in New York City before New Years day. With a little help from Owen and Tom Paris. *Complete*
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Word count: 3214; Read Count: 1045; Completed: Yes
Updated: 01/01/14; Published: 01/01/14
Reviewer: DocBevCulver (Signed)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D
Chapter 1: Love and Times Square

Janeway and Picard are requested for a diplomatic mission. (J/C and P/C)

VAMB Secret Santa 2014

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Word count: 13384; Read Count: 9243; Completed: Yes
Updated: 17/01/15; Published: 17/01/15
Reviewer: DocBevCulver (Signed)
I really enjoyed this and the fact that it had my two favorite pairings in it... even better! Well done! Bravo!
Chapter 4: Chapter 4
A/U  Justin Tighe and the Rangers never rescued Janeway and Paris from the Cardassians.
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Word count: 58411; Read Count: 22598; Completed: Yes
Updated: 04/10/15; Published: 08/09/15
Reviewer: DocBevCulver (Signed)

I very nearly passed on reading this but, I decided to give it a try and was surprised that I kept waiting for the next chapter to be posted. Very well done and well written. Why you are one of my favorite authors. :)


Chapter 36: Chapter 36