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Voyager encounters an arachnoid species that presents a formidable threat. Luckily, Voyager's captain is equally formidable. However, she must risk her life in order to defeat them. Will she survive? And if she does, will her friendship with her first officer? Set shortly after "Coda." Canon-compliant.

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Reviewer: kneipho (Signed)
I like this story (as I am sure certain you are aware), but also want to convey how thrilled I am to find you are posting on this site! Hope to read your storys on Pathfinder, often.

Author's Response: Thanks, kneipho! I'm so glad you liked the story! I am planning to transfer all my (completed, not sure about the WIP's, or for that matter, drabbles) Voyager stuff here, and I'm also migrating stuff to AO2 as well. It might take a while though. :)
Chapter 1: Prologue