Author's Note: This is the unofficial second part after I got several suggestions that it should have been a kissing booth in the first part. :D

The Other Booth

6 months after the First Delta Quadrant Carnival but only moments after the Second

"I can't believe it. I didn't earn a single ticket."

Janeway tucked her chin to hide her smile as she and Chakotay rode the turbolift to their deck. "It was just a carnival, Chakotay. It's nothing to be quite so upset about."

"Kathryn, I was in a kissing booth, and I didn't get a single customer," he complained as the lift came to a stop. "It's quite a blow to the ego to find out that out of one hundred forty people there isn't a single one that wants to kiss you."

"I wouldn't say that exactly." She sauntered out of the lift ahead of him and allowed a bit more swing into her hips than usual. "I can think of at least one person who might want to kiss you."

Chakotay followed her to her quarters feeling an idea slowly dawn on him as he kept his eyes fixated on her derriere. "Kathryn, you wouldn't happen to have had anything to do with that…would you?"

"With what?" She asked innocently, keying in the access code to her quarters.

He saw the way her mouth twitched up at the corner as she walked through the now open doors. He followed her inside. "You little minx. You did, didn't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Kathryn said, draping her jacket over the back of her desk chair. She looked up at him trying to maintain her carefully composed demeanor.

Chakotay leveled his gaze at her and held it. He watched as she fidgeted and looked down at the PADDs on her desk, her jaw muscle working tightly as her mouth morphed from a straight line into a curved smile and back to an almost straight line. When she looked up again, her eyes were mischievously bright as she held back the laughter he knew was bubbling up inside her. It only took one word from him to break her. "Kathryn."

She cracked. "You should've seen the look on your face when the Delaney twins walked right past you."

He couldn't help but smile as the usually controlled woman in front of him broke down in a fit of uncontrolled giggles that were so uncaptainly the majority of the crew would never believe him if he dared tell them about it. She was obviously quite pleased with herself. "What did you do, Kathryn?"

"Nothing," she said, wiping moisture away from her cheeks.

Chakotay stalked closer to her, and she jumped up from the chair she had collapsed into during her giggles. He rounded the desk, moving faster than her and caught her around the waist before she made it halfway to the couch. He blew a zerbert on her neck causing her to squeal and wriggle in his grasp.

"I'm going to do it again woman," he warned. "What did you do?"

"Don't you dare. It wasn't my fault…" Kathryn's protests ended in another shriek as he blew on her neck again. "Stop. Stop. Okay. Uncle!"

Chakotay smiled at how breathless she sounded, but he knew better than to let her go before he got his information. "Tell me."

"Put me down."

"Talk first."

She growled at him and tried to free herself one more time before finally giving it up as a bad job. "Fine. I'll tell you."

He relaxed his grip slightly letting her feet touch the floor, but that was all he was willing to give up. "Fess up, Kathryn."

"Well, some of the women may have asked if you were a good kisser," she cleared her throat, "and I may have answered them in a less than captainly manner."

Chakotay squeezed his eyes shut, but couldn't contain the smile that broke out on his face. "What did you say, Kathryn?"

She turned around in his arms so she was facing him, "I just told them that if anyone wanted to find out how good a kisser you were, they should also consider whether or not they want to scrub the plasma manifolds for the next seventy years."

He chuckled and started to retort, but was quickly distracted when she traced her finger over his lips. The mischief in her eyes was still there, but Chakotay knew he wasn't the only one that had been turned on by their rough housing.

"And besides," she continued, "I wouldn't want anyone to lose faith in their command team for a lack of skills."

"Oh?" He tightened his hold on her again. "I'm that bad am I?"

"Bad?" She nipped at his chin. "Definitely."

"Then I guess we should work on that. As the Captain, I think it's your responsibility to properly train your officers." His hands found their way under the back of her shirt. "I'm never going to get better at this if I don't practice."

"Practice. Lots and lots of practice," she agreed, her voice sounding husky.

He swept her off her feet and into his arms. "I think we should get started."

"There's no time like the present."

(from the urban dictionary) zerbert: creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh (commonly the stomach or arm) and then blowing, producing a fart-like sound." -Bungalow Bill
This word was made popular by Bill Cosby on his hit TV show, the Bill Cosby Show.
For most people, it tickles like mad on the stomach, which is what makes it so much fun. Try it out.
"No! Not a zerbert! Gah! No get off!" zerbert "Sweet Mother of God it tickles!"
"Mwahahaha" zerbert
"Oh the humanity! That one was wet!"

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