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Chakotay slowly made his way across the park, taking the dirt path that meandered under the large trees. He’d made it back to earth a bit ahead of schedule, and was enjoying the momentary quiet.   Inhaling deeply, he savoured the rich earthy scents, and approached the picnic area.

He left the coolness of the shade and picked up his pace. Across the green, he could see several groups of people enjoying the beautiful day, and he angled towards them. Children were chasing each other around the playground. Some had dogs in tow, nipping playfully at their heels, and he smiled at their giggling chatter.

Sunlight glinted off burgundy highlights, catching his eye, and Chakotay stopped, staring at the brown haired child. His breath caught in his throat, and he marvelled at his response. Shaking his head, he smiled slightly, knowing his heart would always lurch at the sight of those red accented locks.

One of the dogs began to bark madly, and rushed toward him. Her long legs quickly closed the distance between them, and Chakotay braced himself for the encounter. A piercing cry caught his attention, and he turned toward the sound. He smiled, hearing his daughter calling, “Mommy! Mommy! Daddy’s home!”

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