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Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay get a feel for each other in Caretaker

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Published: 01/05/16 Updated: 01/05/16
Story Notes:

1. Thank you purpledog for the amazing beta job.

2. In my mind, Kathryn Janeway doesn't seem like a dog person per se. Sure, she knows how to give orders and expects someone to follow them. We all know that she loves to collect strays, so this is my explanation how she got to ended up with a dog. (If anything, I would see her more as a cat person - although I can't really see her having pets - because I can see her appreciating the independence of cats, and ever since her little pet monkey I have imagined her having a cat that comes and goes as it pleases.)

3. I originally called Chakotay's Maquis ship "Liberty", but I'm trying to stay as close to canon as my mind possibly let's me, so "Val Jean" it is.

1. Chapter 1 by khurst [Reviews - 0] (2358 words)