Four by Cheile [PG13]
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They had been hers—and now they were his. But as long as he wore them, he knew he would always feel her spirit by his side. [a "Before and After" AU]
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Published: 17/12/15 Updated: 17/12/15
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1. Chapter 1 by Cheile [Reviews - 0] (958 words)
Author’s note:  This is 100% the fault of my fellow VAMBie purpledog, who had to start speculating about undone plot bunnies in the VAMB chatroom, lol.

Legal B.S.:  Star Trek: Voyager and all its canon elements are property of Paramount/CBS.  

References:  This takes place in the alternate timeline Kes experienced in “Before and After”, and includes a brief reference to “Coda”.  I’m playing fast and loose with said timeline a bit because they didn’t really detail it that much.

Thanks:  LauraRoslin and Scorp for their beta eyes!  Much appreciated :)