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Story Notes:

A 2,5 drabble, written as response to Caffey's challenge at VAMB.


Prompt: We've had Angry!Kathryn, now gimme Angry!Chakotay.



„Just what have you been thinking, Ensign?" Chakotay's voice was tight as he sat down in front of Harry, making the young man jump in his seat.

Gulping, Harry took a look around Mess Hall which, of course, had become deserted all of a sudden. Mentally, he estimated how long it would take him to sprint to one of the doors, when Chakotay's hand took him hard by the elbow. "Don't even think about it, Ensign...," he said, his voice low, almost a hiss.

"Commander, I'm sorry," Harry admitted, even though he actually had no clue what he'd done. He'd been on duty the last two shifts. Hell, there had been no time for him to mess up anything. Chakotay's stare didn't waver once.

"Have you really thought we wouldn't find out?" Chakotay asked, shaking his head slowly.


"And here I thought you were a smart man Mr. Kim, here I thought...." Chakotay trailed off, giving him one last disappointed look, before he stood and turned, slowly leaving Mess Hall.

As soon as Chakotay entered the corridor,he was met by the expectant stare of his commanding officer, who was leaning against the wall next to Mess Hall doors.

"And? Did it work?" She almost bounced uncaptainly, while a smile played around her lips.

"Of course it worked," Chakotay grinned, linking his arm though Kathryn's. "He had no clue what he'd done, but he pleaded guilty nevertheless."

"God, I love confusing Harry...," Kathryn sighed happily. "Makes my day every time."


Chapter End Notes:


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