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Past Featured StoryFor VAMB Secret Santa Exchange 2007  For the following reques from MsJessica: "I would like a JC story, post-Endgame. Janeway is an admiral, Chakotay and Seven part amicably early on in the story. Develop the story rather than having one or the other blurt out "I love you" in the middle of things, at least for this story :) Keep Gretchen and Phoebe Janeway alive. Special bonus if you include Owen Paris as well. It can include Prixin or New Years, but not particularly religious, and not a requirement that it be "seasonal"
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A huge ‘Thank You’ to Elem for her taking the time to do such wonderful betas, especially at this busy time of year. Any and all typos/missed contractions/run-on sentences/long paragraphs/etc are all mine!  Thank you to those VAMBies who helped with my research questions as well – you folks are wonderfully resourceful! Any dialogue taken from Endgame is in italics.


Set immediately following Endgame

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