First Mission by Cheshire
Summary: Written for the VAMB Guess the Pairing 2013 contest
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1. Chapter 1 by Cheshire

Chapter 1 by Cheshire

Written for the 2013 VAMB Guess the Pairing contest

Disclaimer:  Clearly, I do not own these characters.  But it sure is fun to play with them.

Notes:  Thanks to Ewige for running the contest for a second year!  So much fun.

First Mission

“Stay safe out there,” he said, shaking his friend’s hand.

“With any luck, we’ll finally have some of the answers we need when I return.”

There’s a little superstition in every military man and neither of them voiced the very real concern that the mission could go badly.

“She’d hate me for asking, but you will look out for her, won’t you?”

The comment drew an actual laugh from both men at the very idea, but it wasn’t complete paranoia that had both men checking to insure she didn’t somehow overhear them.

“We both know, if it came down to it, she’d probably be the one protecting me.”

“I just…worry,” the younger of the two admitted. “Her mother and I are so proud of her.  She’s worked hard for this posting, but she’s headstrong, stubborn.  She gets an idea in her head, and it’s full steam ahead.”

“Damn the consequences,” the older man agreed then grinned. “She’s a lot like her father in that regard.”

“More like her mother.”

The admiral rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Have you talked to her about considering the command track?”

It didn’t look as though the thought had occurred to him. “She loves the sciences.”

“She’s got a quick mind and a brave, compassionate soul.  We need people like her in the ranks.”

“Well,” he hesitated, “let’s just get through this mission first.  It is her first one in deep space, after all.”

“And more dangerous than she knows.”

“She won’t like it when she finds out.”

“Not every mission is as straightforward as they appear.” He shrugged. “Of course, officers in the command track do tend to know a bit more than others.”

“Another reason for her to switch?” her father asked. “Sounds like you’ve already given this considerable thought.”

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to gauge her mettle outside the academic setting,” he admitted. 

“She’ll conduct herself admirably,” he said, a hint of pride edging into his voice.

“I’m sure she will.” He looked towards the waiting shuttle.  “Well, the sooner we leave the sooner we can get back.  Tell that wife of yours I said hello.”

His friend nodded and moved away, angling his head slightly so he could see inside the shuttle. She sat at the pilot’s station, her attention focused on the consoles in front of her.  The mental image of her standing on a bridge in command of her own ship formed in his mind.  How he would love to see that, but first she had to come home from this mission. 

As he started to walk away, he wondered if the worry in his gut was something every parent dealt with sending their child, no matter what age, out into space.  He looked back over his shoulder and saw her watching him.  She gave a little wave, which he happily returned, his gut clenching all the harder. 

He, of all people, knew how dangerous the Cardassians could be, and he was sending his daughter straight towards them.  Sometimes, he hated being an admiral.







The pairing is - Edward Janeway and Owen Paris with a cameo by Kathryn Janeway

Thanks Audabee for giving my words a home!



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