Reviews For Admiral

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Reviewer: cheshire (Anonymous)
31/10/08 - 07:43 am
You do these side characters so exceptionally well splv!! Making them really come off the page and be three dimensional.  Another one well done!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Kim J (Anonymous)
30/10/08 - 10:57 pm
Flows beautifully.  You do character pieces very well.  Father-son/Mother-daughter stuff always gets to me.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sue (Anonymous)
30/10/08 - 05:48 pm

Very powerful piece. This would've been a good episode and would've answered some questions that weren't addressed in the series.

I enjoyed this very much.

Chapter 1
Reviewer: canadianfolk (Anonymous)
30/10/08 - 04:08 pm

*sniff* And she will. :)

Great job of showing how they came apart over the years. So sad. Nicely told.

Chapter 1
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