Reviews For Queen of Diamonds

Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
14/08/15 - 03:50 am

Wow, what a plot twist

Chapter 4
Reviewer: murphycat (Anonymous)
02/02/15 - 12:19 pm
Exceptionally well done!  The plot and characterization is stellar.  I really enjoyed it.
Chapter 4
Reviewer: DocBevCulver (Signed)
28/01/15 - 09:38 am
I really enjoyed this and the fact that it had my two favorite pairings in it... even better! Well done! Bravo!
Chapter 4
Reviewer: Hazmat (Signed)
18/01/15 - 12:59 am
Great story!  I really enjoyed it!  I'm glad that everything worked out! 
Chapter 4

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