Reviews For In Starlight

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Reviewer: spacerosie1 (Signed)
26/01/13 - 10:43 pm
Absolutely loved this!! So well written:)
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
15/09/08 - 07:20 am
Man, I love this!!
Reviewer: Amy (Anonymous)
13/08/08 - 02:53 pm
ooh I love this one!!! Thank you I wanted to know what would happen if Janeway wore that dress!!! Naughty and nice just how I like these stories. 
Reviewer: canadianfolk (Signed)
15/03/08 - 11:51 am
:) The Dress. Very nicely presented. *sigh*
Reviewer: Cheshire (Anonymous)
19/02/08 - 03:14 am
That was great!!  I always wondered when that dress would show up again! 
Reviewer: quantumsilver (Signed)
13/02/08 - 03:40 am
Ohh! Seduction never done quite so well before! Quite well done. I almost choked along with Chak. You painted an amazing picture, felt like I was right in the room with them! I always loved that little passage from Pathways, and have been dying ever since to see a tiny sequel. *Sigh*. I can die happy, now. Wonderful, thanks!

Author's Response:   Well, thank you. But I hope you're not planning on going anytime soon, LOL!
Reviewer: admin (Signed)
12/02/08 - 05:19 am
A real beauty Voyfan. Excellent!
Reviewer: splv (Anonymous)
10/02/08 - 10:33 pm
Lovely Voyfan. Happy sigh..
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