Reviewer: Jacks (Anonymous)
22/05/10 - 02:39 pm
Awwww, poor Chakotay! This is such a lovely story, all angsty and sweet. You really incorporate a great amount of background detail without overdoing it -- I love the line about Kathryn's mom having a hard time letting Kathryn out of her sight for fear she'd disappear again. Those little things add a lot of depth.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Nynaeve506 (Signed)
22/05/10 - 12:07 pm

Chakotay the oaf (I always called him this during the show too) - I've often thought that his association with Kathryn is what gave his IQ a boost :) :) 


What a fun story sans over that top drama.  I like it when it isn't Kathryn pining away.

Chapter 1

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