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Reviewer: Vestal Virgin (Anonymous)
02/12/13 - 06:20 pm
Wonderful story! I enjoyed the adventure and romance woven so well together.
Reviewer: janeways (Signed)
25/10/12 - 01:59 am

Fantastic story. Just spent my evening reading this. Loved the 2nd chapter, so HOT, perfect J/C steamy moments. Absolutely perfect. :)    

Reviewer: missscifi01 (Signed)
09/01/11 - 04:56 pm

Now i did like this piece i have always been a J/C fan and the thought of Seven getting Chakotay is just unthinkable lol i enjoyed reading this story and hope to come accross more like it in the near future

Well Done :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Jaffen4Janeway (Signed)
23/10/10 - 10:17 pm
Great story! Loved the psycho seven!
Reviewer: Rei (Anonymous)
18/01/10 - 01:17 am
My God, Seven is batshit insane! You can't leave it like that! :O

Author's Response: Theheee, but leaving it like that is so much fun! ;=P
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