Reviews For Prairie Wind

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Reviewer: Dawn (Anonymous)
06/06/10 - 01:33 am
Ah... .very, very nice.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Cello solo (Anonymous)
12/05/09 - 07:32 pm

1st line- ROFL

Chattering Monkey's - Way to ironic

Ending- Great!

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Margaret (Anonymous)
09/05/09 - 05:19 am

So introspective and in character, just like "The Swing."  And it gives us j/cers a really good feeling.  A calm, satisfying story that is very well-written.



Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sue (Anonymous)
08/05/09 - 11:03 pm

Oh, crap. You made me cry!

That was very, very touching. Brilliant stuff, splvoooo.

Chapter 1
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