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Reviewer: Eydie Munroe (Anonymous)
10/09/13 - 04:42 am
Wow, this is an amazing piece of work. Dark and dangerous, but carrying a real emotional edge to it. I couldn't put it down. Well done!
Chapter 6
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
06/12/09 - 10:23 pm

So, I just finished this, and I have one major comment:  you didn't have them waiting at each other's side in sickbay while the ship was run by Tuvok or whoever;  you didn't have them risk the ship.  Ahh, reality!  B/c I believe what you had KJ say, that a relationship between them would not be possible unless their priorities - the ship - were clear.  So many authors make the relationship untenable for me by ignoring this.

Pretty good, QS!



Chapter 6
Reviewer: Marchwishes (Anonymous)
01/03/09 - 07:49 pm
Ommm...all I can say is... Damn. LOL Okay, and hot, brilliant, as always!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: anonemouse (Anonymous)
23/02/09 - 11:45 pm
H.O.T. ddjdiiojkgjfkdghj i can't even type, its that good.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: canadianfolk (Signed)
09/02/09 - 10:49 pm
Here also via a rec from Cheshire. Everything Shayenne said, and I managed to read it all (wimp that I am) because it was so wonderfully done. Thanks for a great story.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: shayenne (Anonymous)
09/02/09 - 03:02 pm
Here via a rec from Cheshire. Great story! Very dark and creepy in places, but wonderfully well written. And lovely sex in chapter 1. Thank you for sharing. :)
Chapter 5
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