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Among Friends by Voyfan G
  An old friend suddenly arrives from the Delta Quadrant. Based on the...
I'm OK, We're OK by Voyfan G
   Coffee with the Doctor can be full of surprises, Kathryn finds.
Lucky by KJaneway115 NC17
After Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant, Janeway and Tuvok are stranded...
1.13 Cathexis by khurst G
J/C episode add-on for episode s01e13 Cathexis
1.12 Heroes and Demons by khurst G
J/C episode add-on for s01e12 Heroes and Demons

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Spam, spam, spam
I've just deleted a bunch of spam reviews and locked the responsible account. Hopefully, that'll stop them (for a while).
Posted by: Sue on 16/10/15 - 07:18 pm(-5 Comments)
A great place to visit for our German readers. Lots of stories and stuff (for all Trek fans). (still can't make links, sorry)...
Posted by: Sue on 31/01/14 - 07:34 am(-7 Comments)
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Finding Home by Cheshire PG13
Despite Voyager's unexpected return home, it isn't possible for all...
Someone I Once Knew by Voyfan PG13
Today, I finally met my mother.
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A nameless crewmember of Voyager has to share a cave with the command team after...